Hokum Episode 15 | An Inside The Box Story

Hokum Episode 15 | An Inside The Box Story
Hokum Episode 15 | An Inside The Box Story

(An Inside The Box Story)
Episode 15

Hokum Episode 15 | An Inside The Box Story

For the remaining part of that evening, I couldn’t put my mind at rest, thoughts of Amaka and Damilola kept flying in, Amaka called me a few hours after she left my house just to check on me, She stylishly decided not to talk about what happened between us, I couldn’t understand why though but I chose not to talk about it too, I knew the next time I and Amaka would be spending alone, there would be a whole lot to talk about. I knew I had to make up my mind about who I really wanted.

As it was, I couldn’t even make a pick, I had fallen for Damilola first but her current disposition wasn’t helping matters at all, Amaka on the other hand was someone I had come to love since I was nine years old, I never ever thought I would develop romantic attractions for her though, maybe it was partly due to the fact that she was three years older than I was or probably the fact that we had come to see ourselves as siblings as I had being her adopted brother at a certain time in my life.

With the way Damilola was acting, I was fast losing it, My feelings were quickly tilting in favor of Amaka, it was suddenly beginning to seem I had being blind all along, for the first time, I was beginning to see that Amaka was indeed lovable in a different way after all, I began to wonder why I didn’t fall for her all those while, I guess the brother and sister tag blinded me all those years. I began to remember how Amaka had always being there for me since the first day I met her at my spare parts shop until now, she had being a real source of inspiration and motivation, she had motivated me to go back to school, she had helped me grow my business to the point it was now, indeed she had done so much for me, I always thought it was all a sisterly gesture, but it had suddenly become clear to me. Amaka had being showing me the green lights all along but I was too dull to notice, she had taken the bull by the horns before I was eventually able to see.

Night came, still I got no news from Damilola, Amaka called me again and we spent a long time on the phone, we were already talking like lovers, our talks were more intimate this time around, but even as intimate as it was, we still skipped talking about Damilola. She ended the call with ‘I love you’ it sounded weird but I replied accordingly ‘I love you too’
Amaka called me one more time that night before she slept, she just wanted to say goodnight, that’s what she said, but we ended up talking for almost an hour again, it suddenly seemed like we had so much more to talk about.

The next day was a busy one for me, I knew the blackmailer was going to show up but I was prepared for him. I did all I needed to do, Amaka called me twice during the day, while I was at the office, she wanted to come around but I found excuses why she couldn’t come, I didn’t want any distractions, I wanted to be focused enough to handle the blackmailer when he returned that evening.
I was beginning to think less and less of Damilola and more and more of Amaka, indeed it was a true saying that ‘out of sight is out of mind’

I closed from work that day at about 4.00pm because I had an appointment for 4.30pm. I kept the appointment and spent about thirty minutes on that before I eventually made my way home.
It was about 6.30pm when I heard the knock on my door, I opened the door and he was standing there smiling as always, I smiled too and I could see the shock that crossed his face, even though he tried quickly to mask it, I saw it, I made way for him to enter the house, he hesitated for some time, I could tell that he was scared too but all the same, he braved up and entered into the room, he sat on the chair and I closed the door and sat opposite him, I still had the smile on my face, he was struggling to keep the smile on his face, he was totally uncomfortable, He wasn’t used to me being so bold around him.
‘Do you have my money now’ his voice sounded off, it seemed he suddenly had problems speaking fluently, I smiled at him and answered ‘No, I don’t ‘

I could see the smile vanish from his face, I swear I was beginning to enjoy myself, He stood up as if he wanted to leave, probably he expected me to call him back, he got to the door and opened it and when he discovered I wasn’t going to call him back he closed the door again and faced me ‘So I guess you are willing to allow me go ahead and sing to people that would be willing to hear my song?’
I smiled at him again and replied ‘A man has to do what a man has got to do’
He was staring at me, he appeared rather confused, I knew he was wondering what had come over me, as he made to speak again I cut him short with my words
‘Maybe you have being bluffing all these while, maybe you are the only one in on this, maybe you are on the run from your fellow cult people at Asaba, maybe they currently seek your head now for the money you stole from Chief MBA six months ago, maybe you actually need my money so that you can travel out of the country and escape from them finally, maybe it’s you who should even be more scared as there’s currently a bounty on your head and maybe if I just had a way of sending your house address at Sapele road to your guys in asaba, you would be history’

I watched how his face turned, I could see so many emotions written all over his face, I knew he couldn’t understand how I got access to all those information, he certainly wouldn’t know that I had trailed him home the last time he visited me, he also wouldn’t know that I had paid Anthony the private spy to help me find out all about him, I had given Anthony just fifty thousand naira and it had saved me a whooping five hundred thousand and of course more as blackmailers always had a way of coming back for more.
He stood there looking at me, there was murderous anger in his eyes, I couldn’t help it, I began to laugh and in that split instance, when I least expected it, he attacked me.

He charged at me like a bull, his fist caught my face and sent me sprawling onto the floor, in another split second he got out a knife, he dived at me on the floor and made to stab me but I was quicker than he was, I ducked and caught his hand that held the knife, there was a struggle, he was quite powerful, he hit me again with his left hand, it hurt but I held onto the knife as we struggled on the floor with the knife, I got my right leg free and shot at his jaw with my right knee, he fell backwards and freed the knife for me, I expected him to stop now since I had the knife but he was stubborn, as I tried to rise from the ground, he picked one of my stool and charged at me with intent to smash my head, I swear I didn’t want to but I had no option, as he rushed towards me, I attacked him with the knife, the knife sunk into his left side like hot knife would sink into butter, I don’t know what happened but I suddenly became possessed, images of Long uche came running into my head again, images of the godfather appeared before my eyes, I drew out the knife and stabbed him again, I drew it out again and stabbed him again and again and again, I was possessed now, all the hatred in me suddenly resurfaced, this was the same spirit that had possessed me when I killed the godfather.

I released him from my grasp, he was dead before he hit the floor, only then did my senses return, I had just murdered another man, a sudden cold wind began to blow around me, I was indeed confused now, I didn’t know what to do, as I stood there scared and contemplating my next move, I heard a sound at the door and I stood there watching my door open in slow motion, the door wasn’t locked and there was no way I could rush and lock the door now,
I just stood there holding the knife, my body covered in blood standing over the dead man as I watched the door open.

Written By: Emmy Blinks



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