League Of The Geckos (Gecko Episode 6)

Save Sticker (Gecko Episode 8)

League Of The Geckos (Gecko Episode 6)

We had been friends with Heavy Dee for close to three months and in that space of three months it was all sweet and rosy. Suddenly I was no longer that broke boy that always had to hustle so hard just to get a meal. Heavy Dee had money and he wasn’t selfish with it, he gave cash freely and gave us gifts in abundance as well.

Heavy Dee visited us one evening and told us that a friend of his was having a birthday party and he wanted us to go with him. We joyfully got prepared and jumped into his car, of course it was going to be fun, whenever it was Heavy Dee, it had to be fun and much more fun all the way.
We drove for quite some time and were almost at the outskirts of the town before he drove into a lonely road off the expressway, drove into another street off the lonely road and stopped in front of a very big and beautiful house. He honked his car horn twice as we waited in front of the tall gate, a security man opened the gate for us to drive in.
We got out of the car, there were a few other cars parked in the very large compound too, the party had already begun, we could hear the sound of loud music coming from inside the big house that stood proud and tall in the big compound.

We followed behind Heavy Dee as he led us into the house, immediately he entered the sitting room, loud shouts of greetings and praises rent the air, indeed he was very popular among the folks there. He introduced us to his friends and they all welcomed us warmly, the party wasn’t an overcrowded one, the total people in that party couldn’t have been more than thirty that night, there were males and females alike, I could observe that they all dressed expensively, especially the females among them, they wore rather very expensive jewelry and clothes too but I didn’t care a bit, the DJ was doing a very great job blasting good party jam and before I knew it I was rocking to the music with a female partner that I met at the party. Everyone was on dance and party mode, I turned to look for Chijioke but he was also busy dancing with one of the ladies that was in the party too.

There was enough food and drinks to go round, infact the party was made of money, we had arrived there at about 6pm, when it was 8pm, I found Heavy Dee and asked him when we would leave the party, he asked me to chill that we would leave soon.
The next time I checked the time, it was almost 10pm, I went to Heavy Dee again, he assured me that we would leave soon and asked me to stop worrying like a woman, that even if it was 12am, we could still find our way back.

I don’t know if they had put something in our drinks but I woke up to find myself lying on the cold ground outside the house in the very big compound, I didn’t even know when I had fallen asleep in the first place, I only remembered sitting on a chair, nodding my head to the music and waiting patiently for Heavy Dee to announce that it was time to go home. I remembered I suddenly began to have blurry visions and that was the last I remembered before I woke up in this mode.
The compound was illuminated by candles and the full moon contributed to make the compound pretty bright. I raised my head and I could observe Chijioke was experiencing the same thing I was experiencing, it appeared he had just woken up too from where he was lying on the ground. I looked around and observed there were others like us, we were six that were lying down in the middle of a circle that was formed by a set of people, they all sat legs akimbo and formed a very big circle around us. I observed they all wore green robes and every one of them had masks on too, the masks were replicas of a lizard’s head, so they all looked like lizards as I looked from one face to another. I observed that we still had our clothes on and they hadn’t taken anything off our bodies.
I tried to search for Heavy Dee among the masked faces but it was rather difficult as there were many huge and heavy looking guys there and they were all seated too making it a little more difficult to discern who was who.

‘Good morning friends, there’s nothing to fear here, you are in very safe hands, and in the spirit of friendship I would like to say Welcome to the league of the geckos’
I looked up at the speaker, he also had a mask on, but he wasn’t sitting anymore, he was standing inside the circle with us. I took a hard look at him as I tried to impress his details in my head, he was very tall and lanky, his voice was rather soft and sounded like a female’s voice. Even though he wore a mask, I could tell that he was a handsome fellow.
I looked again at the people that were in the circle with me, there were two girls among us.
I still felt drowsy, I was very sure they had put something in our drinks.
‘Let me introduce you to the Gecko’
Then He began his long boring lecture about Geckos
‘Geckos are lizards belonging to the infra order Gekkota, found in warm climates throughout the world.

Geckos are unique among lizards. They are the most species-rich group of lizards, with about 1,500 different species worldwide………’ And he went on and on, till he was through with his speech, everyone listened attentively as he spoke, when he was through with his boring lecture about geckos, he stopped talking, paused, looked at the six of us that were sitting inside the circle to be sure we were listening then he went on

The gecko is a very harmless family, we are here to provide shield and support for all our members, you would agree with me that the gecko is a friend of the family, we fit quite easily into any environment and we are as much as the sand of the sea, he chuckled and continued ‘because the gecko is a very unique brother hood, we pick only the best of the best to be members of this family and by best of the best, we mean the handsome, the intelligent and the wealthy’ when he said this, I softly asked myself ‘wealthy? Then what was I doing here?’
The speaker paused for effect and continued speaking but this time, his voice was in a lower tone. ‘We would never force anyone to join us against their will, so before we go any further, we would give you all the opportunity to make your choices whether to join or walk away, make your choice now’

Immediately he said so, one of the guys immediately stood up and spoke out ‘I can’t be a part of this or any other type of brotherhood for that matter, please let me go’ he was trying hard to exhibit a high level of boldness but his voice shook terribly as he spoke.
The speaker regarded him from his head down to his toes, though he wore a mask and we couldn’t see his face, I could tell he did that from the way his head moved. ‘Anyone else? It was the speaker that spoke again, he looked at the rest of us that were still sitting, one of the girls stood up and joined the first guy, she was crying too as she spoke ‘please I don’t want any of this’
At that instant, I really wanted to stand up and walk away too but somehow I didn’t quite believe that these guys would just allow us walk away, no matter how they wanted to paint it, a cult was a cult, I had heard so many bad things about cults before now, I also knew that no cult allowed you walk away during an initiation rite. I guess the four of us that remained seated, shared the same views because I could see the fear in their eyes but I guess we were more scared of what would happen if we walked away, maybe joining the geckos or whatever they called themselves was a lesser evil than walking away, at least for now.

‘Anyone else?’ The speaker asked again, no one answered, then he looked at the boy and the girl and pointed to the gate and told them they could go, they began to walk to the gate still shaking with fear, meanwhile I was busy thinking, how could they find their way back to wherever they had come from in this dead of the night, I watched them open the gate and step out of the compound, it seemed the geckos were going to allow them walk free after all, I suddenly began to regret my decision, I began to wish I was one of those who walked away.
‘Lady and gentlemen, I must congratulate you for you have made the best decision anyone can make’

Now, we would introduce ourselves.
They all dropped their masks at the same time and I could see Heavy Dee now, he was sitting behind another huge guy,

Then just as the speaker made to introduce himself, we heard the scream outside the compound, I didn’t need a sorcerer to tell me, even before they brought the two bodies back, I knew what had happened, they had murdered the young boy and girl that walked away, that was when I indeed confirmed for myself that our nightmare had just begun. Heavy Dee had deceived us and brought us into the league of the geckos, there was no going back now.



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