www.fakaha.com is Nigeria’s number one dedicated lyrics, news updates, education and story website. The website has the ambitious goal of building the largest collection of Nigerian songs’ lyrics on the Internet, and also sharing some amazing stories that you will learn from.

With the use of Internet in Nigeria, a need arose. The need is to provide Nigerians with the Lyrics of their favorite songs with a story to spice up their day. www.fakaha.com then stepped in to meet the need.

No doubt, Nigerians are music lovers, they like Good music. Often times however, lyrics of Nigerian songs are not properly documented. We have the goal of providing Nigerians with the lyrics of the songs they like so much. They have been humming songs before now, but now they can Sing like they wrote the song.

And for story lovers, here comes a website were they can come and read good stories for their pleasure.

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